Who we are:

Carleton Academic Student Government (CASG) is an organization that has operated on campus at Carleton University since 1969. CASG was created out of a desire for student’s input in the curriculum. Furthermore, without an effective vessel to work with and within the University’s administration. Administration officials felt that students could grow frustrated with the system and choose to fight the administration rather than work with it.

The objective of the Carleton Academic Student Government is to function as an intermediary between students, faculty and administration, allowing students to influence the University’s administration and governance.

The Carleton Academic Student Government is recognized as the student wing of the administration, that runs under the Senate of Carleton; the highest decision-making academic governance body at Carleton. CASG is a non‐political organization that takes positions only on academic issues involving undergraduate students. The CASG is a separate organization from the Carleton University Students Association (CUSA).

What we do:

CASG is given power by the University Senate to elect students in all departments across campus to their respective departmental boards. In the case that there is a strong society, such as the Carleton Student Engineering Society (CSES), or Sprott (SBSS), CASG forms a partnership for the society to fill these seats on behalf of CASG.

We facilitate and organize student representation on Faculty Boards, Departmental Councils and the University Senate. Student Representatives come from every academic department on campus, every student sitting on a departmental or faculty board has the right to sit on CASG Council. CASG deals primarily with the academic life of undergraduate students and with issues involving all students.

For information on your representatives, or to become a representative go to council.

To contact us about an academic issue, suggestion, or concern please email us at info@casg.ca

Organizational Structure

The Role of the Executive

The Executive Members of Carleton Academic Student Government are to facilitate Student Representatives in their advocacy efforts. It is our duty to ensure that Student Representatives are found to fill seats, know when their meetings are, and arrange meetings at the bicameral faculty level. The executive monitors the larger picture of what is happening at Carleton University and meets with senior Carleton University administration officials to provide input and suggestions and improve conditions for all those with a vested interest in Carleton’s development.

The Role of Faculty Coordinators

Faculty Coordinators are responsible for organizing, scheduling and facilitating meetings with the departmental and first year representatives of their respective faculty. It is the responsibility of the Coordinators to ensure accuracy in the submission of minutes (to the VPI), as well as the attendance of its members at Faculty Board Meetings, Departmental Meetings and CASG General Assembly Meetings (All Representatives).

Faculty Coordinators must recruit, train and encourage all departmental reps to actively participate in the Carleton Academic Student Government organization by performing class talks, speaking with departmental societies, administration, faculty and students.

In addition, Faculty Coordinators must be leaders who have a passion for participating in the improvement of Carleton Academics; this means the position demands for well-organized, driven, enthusiastic, intellectual individuals who are capable of facilitating over thirty student representatives.