Good Evening Ravens,

We are pleased to announce the names of the candidates for CASG's Department Representative seats in FASS, FPA and Business today.

The Electoral Code of the Carleton Academic Student Government and the constitution of the Carleton Academic Student Government can be found at -- This Link

The timeline for the 2018 elections is as such:

Nominations: September 17th to 23rd

Voting Days: September 24th to 25th

Voting will take place through the CMail system electronically.

The following positions are contested in the 2018 CASG Election:

Criminology (5 candidates for 2 seats)
• Victory Okeugo

"Heyyyy. My name is Victory. I am 18 years old. I love to read and sometimes write books when I can, and I also love to play basketball in my free time. I am a first year student here in Carleton. I aspire and endeavour to become a lawyer or an ambassador in the nearest future, and I hope I am given a chance to be a part of the CASG community or family. Thank you."

• Alehandra Namatovu

"I am in my 3rd year of criminology and criminal Justice concentration in law. I like food! I am extremely involved in extra curricular activities . Having been involved in more than 10 clubs in my past two years means I love giving back. I love chemistry, the human brain and law! I believe in equal representation of minority groups."

• Brina Underwood

"Hi, my name is Brina! I am currently enrolled in my second year at Carleton University in the Criminology and Criminal Justice program with a concentration in Law. During the previous academic year, I prioritized my studies by limiting my number of engagements to focus on my academic duties. This allowed me to achieve good grades and appear on the 2017-2018 Dean’s Honour List. I believe I would be a valuable candidate because I would treat this position with just as much dedication and ardour as I did my academic record. This year I have pushed myself to get more involved on campus with extracurricular activities. I have joined the Law and Legal Studies Society, the Criminology and Criminal Justice Society, and the United Nations Society. I hope that during this new school year I will be able to become more involved in all that the Carleton academic life has to offer and be able to help others do the same by representing their interests."

• Damon Woznica

"My name is Damon Woznica and I am a first year Carleton student. Something I've always been passionate about is making a schools' environment better for students and staff. Based off of my volunteering and work experience, I've been a very good advocate for someone of this position. I enjoy listening to people and their experiences, learning what they would like to change and how things could be better or improved upon."

• Lydia Harvey-Lloyd

"My name is Lydia Harvey-Lloyd, and I am a first year Criminology and Criminal Justice student here at Carleton University. I moved to Ottawa just prior to move-in day, from a small town in British Columbia called the Sunshine Coast. Despite the fact that I am from a town with a population smaller than this school, I found many ways to get involved and stay active. I play multiple sports, including soccer, which I have played competitively all of my life, and Ultimate frisbee which I continue to play here on the CU women’s team. Along with athletics, I strive to be as involved in my community as possible ; throughout high school, I immersed myself in organisations such as Mentors in Violence Prevention -an organization in which I was a mentor to help provide bystander-focused bullying prevention training-, and Interact Club -Where I was the executive secretary. Furthermore, I was member of Student Council, and was therefore able to have a voice which directly impacted key decisions and helped to improve the student experience. My goal is to continue my involvement here at Carleton as a Departmental Representative and to use the skills which I have learned to help students feel like they are a part of more than just a school, but instead like they are members of a positive and committed community. "


Economics (4 candidates for 2 seats)
• Eli Lusty

"After a brief stint in Political Science, and years of attending Carleton as a part-time and distance student, I'm here for two full semesters to finish my degree. I've seen Carleton change for the better since I began, and I'd like to contribute to its evolution."

• Shay Ishola

"My name is Shay Ishola, and I’m currently in 4th year B.Economics & Africans studies minor in Statistics. I’m currently serving as the VP Academics of CUES 18/19. I also work with SEO as a student mentor. I love to travel and I teach yoga."

• Abderaouf Cheniouni

"My name is Abderaouf Cheniouni, I am a third year standing Bachelor of Economics student looking to run for a representative position on CASG. I am looking to get more involved in Carleton's department of Economics and would embrace the challenge of representing our program community. I see the representative position as being a great learning opportunity but also appreciate the exigent responsibility. Further reason for my application is the appeal of working and interacting with faculty members. I believe this will provide me with valuable, first-hand experience in communicating with professionals within the field, as well as being excellent preparation for similar organisational/representational roles across various industries. Also, the student government presents a great platform for networking with professors and others students alike which is important to a soon-to-be graduate like myself. I believe a range of characteristics make me an ideal candidate for a representational position, with ambition and determination being at the forefront. Excellent communication skills make relaying messages more efficient and facilitate the exchange of information between faculty and students and vice-versa. A constant desire to learn and make a positive impact makes me well-suited for a chance to represent my fellow students at the Carleton Academic Student Government."

• Sabreen Sidhu

" Hello Everyone! My name is Sabreen Sidhu & I’m currently in my second year of Honours Economics with concentrations in Finance & Economic Theory. I'm ecstatic to have begin the new school year. In regards to involvement at Carleton, this year, I am President of the Carleton Undergraduate Economics Society. As well as that, I’m also a member of the Carleton Undergraduate Debate Society, the Carleton Research Club and of the Carleton Women’s Ultimate Team. In the past, I’ve held the position of Treasurer on Reporters Without Borders as well as a position on the Subcommittee for UNICEF Carleton. Additionally, I’ve also held the Departmental Undergraduate Economics Position on CASG, alongside a position on the Faculty of Public Affairs Board where issues were discussed and voted regarding academic policy and curriculum issues for the upcoming calendar year."


Political Science (6 candidates for 1 seat)
• Success Iyuke

"Hello, my name is Success IYUKE, I’m a student at Carleton in the faculty of the Public affair, I’m studying political science. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to help people, but as time progresses I realized my future was wavering when I had to drop chemistry. So, I navigated my career path towards trying to understand the government policies and how our society is being governed through initiative programs. Majoring in political science will equip myself with the knowledge of how society is structured; it will give me a sense of power and even authority to propose and outline good government politics to address problems faced by our community on daily basis. My dream is to become a lobbyist with the potential to help others from social injustices. I always have the passion to help people out of their own issues or problems. People come from all different ethnic backgrounds and they experience different challenges in life. I want to have a say on issues that concern the people in my community and society because when everyone is dutifully engaged they become supporters of government politics and initiatives."

• Theodora Ubaru

"My name is Theodora Ubaru, but most call me Theo. I am a lover of politics and all things global. I want to make a change in the world, like most others, but I choose to make my change in a position where I have the power to easily do so. By using power gained through the knowledge and experience in a political atmosphere, to lead others into going about change efficiently and successfully."

• Douaa Amir

"My name is Douaa Amir. I am from Syria. I came to Canada in December 2016. I studied one-year Law in Aleppo, Syria. Also, I studied in Algonquin College General Art& Science (EAP). Now, I am a first year Political Science student at Carleton university. I would like to participate in CASG elections to represent my program. I chose to study Political Science because I am interested in Politics and I would like to be a diplomat in my future hoping to participate in the parliament of Canada and to represent the Federal Government outside Canada too. I believe by taking the opportunity I will get the experience that I need it for my future and I will enrich my academic knowledge as well. If you would like to know more about me, I would like to say that I am a volunteer with different institutions that help newcomer immigration such as Catholic Center for Immigrants (CCI) and Human for peace institutions. Also, I am a youth leadership, and I attend weekly meeting with other youth leaders to share knowledge and ideas and to organize events."

• Zaiyaan Esoof

"I am currently in my second year at Carleton University completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Law & Political Science. I have enjoyed being a Floor Representative in Glengarry during my first year here and have been volunteering with the RRRA to help in the thriving of our lively campus. The Carleton Academic Student Government is an independent body that allows students’ input into academic affairs, acting as a bridge between the administration and students, and as such I intend to be your voice on the council to bring changes to pressing academic issues that you feel should be addressed. I genuinely pledge to do my best may any student provide any suggestion, motion or idea that will benefit the functioning of university administration. Also, with a constitution that dates back to almost 10 years there is a lot that I believe can improve and reform within the organization. It would be an honor to represent you as one of your ten Student Representatives to Senate!"

• Faith Thomson

"I am a student who has fundraised for non-profit organizations and charities on campus. I double major in history and political science and expect the graduate Fall 2019. I currently work full time as a civilian for the military on base as a Community Recreation Supervisor. This means that I have the skills to garner interest and feedback from the community, plan and coordinate a suitable program and facilitate it through trained staff. With this experience, and my time management and organization skills learned through Carleton, I hope to properly represent the undergraduates working hard to finish their political science degree."

• Robin Nash

"My name is Robin Nash, I am a first year student here at Carleton, majoring in Political Science, with a minor in Environmental Studies. In combining these together, I have an opportunity to exercise my passion for politics, while making a difference in bettering our world’s current environmental crisis. As someone who has spent all of High School being involved in my school and community, upon hearing about this opportunity to become the department representative, I know that I have the necessary skills and devotion to use this opportunity to both improve myself and the department. I am from Perth, Ontario, and the small size of 6000 people has only accented the importance of politics to me. Throughout my entire life, my communities small rural riding, and the lack of diversity and government care prevalent in my town has made me want to make a difference in our country’s political standards, and I believe that this program, as well as this role, can be one of my first steps to doing this. I have sat on the board of the Lanark Frontenac Kingston Federal Liberal Riding Association, where I attended festivals and promoted politics to other youth, as well as representing the same youth have a voice in political issues. I have also helped my local municipal riding by creating political network systems for my peers, as well as raising awareness for upcoming elections. My engagement in the political process has always been a major part of who I am, and I know that through Carleton and through this position, I can continue to change and improve our city, our province, our country, and our world."


Public Affairs and Policy Management (3 candidates for 1 seat)
• Anthony Galipeau

"Hi, my name's Anthony Galipeau, and I'm running to be your FPA Departmental Representative for CASG! I'm in my fourth year of Public Affairs and Policy Management, and student governance has always been important to me. As your FPA representative, I'm going to be fighting for the issues that make your academic life smoother: Greater and more accessible scholarships, to ease your fiscal burdens. Further digitization of textbooks, so that you're not breaking the bank on books, and don't have to worry about them going out of stock. Finally, I'm going to push for more diversity in FPA academic events, both in the variety, and the experience of speakers. If you're interested in an academic experience that's cheaper, more accessible, and more representative of FPA cohorts, I would be happy to have your vote. There doesn't need to be a trade-off between a cheap academic experience, and a good academic experience. I'm going to fight for both, and I hope to have your support."

• Antoinette Steele

"Antoinette was a competitive dancer during both middle and high school, which lead to her position as a dance teacher at The Academy of Dance and Fitness for many years. She currently works as a lifeguard and swim instructor and has done so for the past two years. She attended St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School in Russell, Ontario and held various roles within her school community. Antoinette was heavily involved in Student Council throughout her four years of high school which all culminated in her being the co-president of Student Council in her final year. In addition to this position, she was also the Vice-Chair of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario Student Senate. Through these positions she attended various symposiums and conferences as a student leader. Antoinette was a Link Crew leader, the head of the Best Buddies chapter at her school and was also co-captain of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team. Furthermore, she participated in OSAID (Ontario Student’s Against Impaired Driving) conferences throughout high school. At graduation she was awarded with both the Principal’s award and the Governor General’s medal. Her leadership and communication skills were strongly developed throughout her involvement in aforementioned activities."

• Sheldon Paul

"A former staffer for MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette (Winnipeg Centre), Sheldon has worked two terms with the public service (recently serving as an Intern Negotiator with Indigenous Affairs), and has spent the past 3 years deeply involved in Indigenous human rights and development activism, writing/directing the 9-award-winning play The Red Road. He served as youth MPP and Attorney General of Ontario’s 2016 Model Parliament, and was chosen to represent Ontario on Canada’s delegation to that year’s Commonwealth Youth Parliament in Victoria, BC. He also served as Minister of Indigenous Affairs in Carleton’s 2018 Model Parliament and won two awards as a Carleton UN Society delegate. His commitment to the Carleton community came through serving as RRRA Floor Rep (and later Residence Fellow) for 8th Glengarry. Active in Ottawa theatre, he is Outreach Coordinator for Carleton’s Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company and starred in 7 SnB productions, including the titular roles in Macbeth and The Elephant Man. As CASG representative, he would like to work with FPA, AKC, and AKCESS to open up opportunities for students to have greater feedback on future course content/selection and prospective timelines to improve learning quality and mental health, and hold professors accountable for timely syllabi, rubric, and grading postings. He will draw upon his experience and work closely with AKCESS and Ojigkwanong/Mawandoseg to expedite creating an Indigenous Policy stream and ensure more equitable representation in curriculums and platforms, while advocating for freedom of thought and discourse in academia. Sheldon hopes to be an experienced, strong advocate for PAPM students at CASG."


Law (12 candidates for 1 seat)
• Zachary Melanson


• Apoorva Peri

"I am third year undergraduate student studying business law with a minor in psychology at Carleton department of Law and Legal studies. I had an opportunity to work as stacks student assistant, transcriber at Transcription services for PMC, international student exchange ambassador and peer mentor at Carleton. Through this experience, I was able to work with public and also identify student issues on campus and respond to them effectively. Through my time working in the library, I gained a great passion for student issues and looking forward to being able to represent department across the public affairs faculty. My background spans a diverse range of disciplines: Literature, economics, commerce, business studies, accounting, philosophy, law and psychology. Having attending many presentations of Alumni on Aboriginal rights and Contemporary issues, International Affairs, Policing and Criminal Justice system, it had a great impact on my career goals. I could identify my passion for corporate law, contracts, torts and would like to pursue my masters in contract theory."

• Yasir al Kawaz

- Not supplied

• Mustafa

"I am finishing my last year here at Carleton for BA honours in Law: policy and government. I have never participated in CASG or CUSA or any other student association at Carleton. I am looking to gain some experience (volunteering) to add to my resume and that is why I am applying to this."

• Pratibha Sivasithamparam

"Hello, my name is Pratibha Sivasithamparam. I am currently a third-year student majoring in both Law, Policy, and Government and Psychology. I feel that I am an ideal candidate for representing the Law Department because of my passion for this program and my fellow students. I specifically chose Carleton solely because of the uniqueness of the program and the opportunities that are available exclusively at Carleton because of this. Hence, I am always appreciative and passionate about the resources, students, and faculty in my department and am always looking for ways on how to improve certain student experiences and enhance the Law Society in general. As a minority, I face unique events at the university and in the program, these encounters can act as a benefit to CASG, as they can receive an insight into certain student’s perspective that they will otherwise not receive; later catering to any accommodations or issues that I can potentially bring forward in these meetings. I am a committed, hardworking individual who is reliable and can effectively be the voice of my fellow peers. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you."

• Deeqa Abdulkarim


• Laiza Millan

"My name is Laiza Millan, and I am a second year student majoring in Transnational Law and Human Rights! I am from California, moved to Canada a year ago for Carleton! I used to work at Walt Disney World in Florida for a few years, and then decided I had to go back to school and continue my education. #NoRegrets"

• Hijaab Yahya

"Hijaab Yahya grew up in Lahore, Pakistan immigrated to Burlington, Ontario in 2013 and graduated from Dr. Frank J Hayden Secondary School. At Carleton University, Hijaab is enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in Law: Human Rights and Transnational Law. She is an active member of the Carleton Law Society, with an outstanding academic achievement. In the past year, Hijaab has displayed extreme interest in community involvement. She has participated in multiple United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) panel discussions, raising questions regarding women's sexual and reproductive health for the Minister of International Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau and the Executive Director of the UNFPA, Dr. Natalia Kanem. Moreover, she has also participated a panel discussion regarding issues surrounding Indigenous women of Canada whilst shadowing local MP, Pam Damoff and the Minister of Status of Women Maryam Monsef. Hijaab is a current Deans’ Honour’s List student, being in the top 15% of her program and shows keen interest in not just discussing but also finding solutions to current equity issues in both the Canadian society and internationally. Post graduation Hijaab aims to apply for Law School and aims to use her legal education internationally to provide legal aid to individuals third world countries."

• Leen Al-Zu'bi

"My name is Leen and I am completing my bachelor’s degree in Business Law with hopes to attend law school in the near future. I am currently a director of the corporate partnerships portfolio at the Raven’s Sport Business Club in Athletics. I am unsure whether this biography is meant to showcase my achievements or my goals, but the latter is most important, therefore, I strive to represent the interests of students in my department at the Departmental, Faculty, and Senatorial levels of Carleton. What I care most about is the allocation of proper academic and career-related services to law students, beyond the (very) basic current ones. Law is an arduous academic path, which means that students need to be supported more than average, especially students considering law school. I want the best for myself, which is why I would bring the best for other students in my department as well."

• Kareem AlWazir

"I entered Carleton with excitement and enthusiasm to get involved in the university community and Ottawa. So I started three clubs, was elected to be a floor representative for RRRA, as well as being elected to be an FPA member in CUSA. I managed to achieve some of my goals in my first year. However, this year, I will achieve all of my goals as I am prepared and completely settled in."

• Afreen Ahmad

"My name is Afreen Ahmad, and I am a second year honours student majoring in Law and Legal Studies (Law, Policy and Government) with a minor in Philosophy. I am an international student— originally Indian, but I come from Saudi Arabia. Over the past year, I have been involved in campus events by volunteering with CUSA and CAB as well as serving on the executive team for Reporters Without Borders. This year, I will be working on the executive team for the Carleton U Philosophical Society and also continuing my volunteer work. I write for the Charlatan from time to time and enjoy engaging in discussions and expressing my opinions. Outside of campus, I occasionally volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society and other international nonprofit organizations. I love to travel and meet people from all around the world and listen to their stories. I aim to utilize my diverse background and experience to represent my department and ensure the best opportunities for the students."

• Madison Venugopal

"My father is Indian and my mother is European. My father’s family is Hindu and my mother’s family is Roman Catholic. I grew up in a province that was English and French with few visible minorities. My friends span every racial, religious, and cultural group. My cousin is from Chad, where he was abandoned as a baby and adopted by my uncle who was there as a physician with Doctors Without Borders. I am a girl in a male-dominated combat sport. This is all to say, I question my identity every day, and am desperately trying to find out who I am. Despite this, I know one thing for certain. I am proud to be Canadian, and this diversity is what makes me Canadian. I know that the CASG board is deeply committed to making Carleton University a better place for all students. As class rep in my summer courses at University of Montreal, I know that I already possess the intrapersonal skills required to best represent my peers. I want to learn about what drives them, what binds them, and what differentiates them, and in turn apply that to my goal of making a difference in this world, starting right here on campus."


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