We are pleased to announce the names of the candidates for CASG's Department Representative seats in FASS, FPA and Business today.

The Electoral Code of the Carleton Academic Student Government and the constitution of the Carleton Academic Student Government can be found at -- This Link

The timeline for the 2019 elections is as such:

Nominations: September 9th to 12th

Campaign: September 16th to 18th 

Voting Days: September 19th to 20th

Voting will take place through the CMail system electronically.

The following positions are contested in the 2019 CASG Election:

Public Affairs and Policy Management (3 candidates for 1 seat)

• Dilki Jagoda 

"My name is Dilki Jagoda and I am a second year PAPM student. I'm a first generation Sri Lankan-Canadian, I'm from the GTA and I love pandas! Now that you know me a little, I want you to genuinely consider making me your voice within CASG. Last year, I was the first year representative for my program and i realized the importance of being connected within your program and faculty. My time as FPA representative will be spent making sure that all of us have a better platform to connect with each other throughout our various programs and that our faculty in general has a strong and inclusive voice representing them. Vote for me, I won't let you down! :)"

• David Kim

"Eh, what’s good? I’m David! It’s my 'first year' returning to Carleton, after being away for a minute. I dropped out of school, I joined the military, reg force, and I served six years. I have since learned A LOT. I had anxiety and depression while in school. Back then, there wasn’t much awareness on mental health as there is today. I myself didn’t even know what I had or that I even had mental health issues. I’m interested in CASG, because I had a terrible academic experience throughout my first stay at Carleton, and I care about what happened to me not happening to other students in the future. While serving, I did my best to protect and inform my subordinates from unfair instruction and treatment, which was not even allowed under military policy. After speaking with everyone at Expo, I realised that this is the group that stuck out to me the most. I realised that I’m passionate about ‘fixing’ as much as I can with anything that’s wrong with the system. I do have experience with directing personnel, and I regard the passing on of information as one of the upmost important responsibilities that I can hold."

• Jennifer Ramnarine

"Hi there! I’m a first year PAPM student who is enthusiastic about representing our faculty in the student government. I chose to study public policy because I know the importance of the decision making process, and how great of an impact it has on those affected by its changes. I want to personally help ensure that the issues which are important to us and our wellbeing are being reflected in the decisions that are being made. As your representative I will ensure that your voices are heard, and your opinions and beliefs are represented by me on behalf of our entire faculty. I have considerable experience in leadership roles and I am prepared to do whatever possible to ensure the best student experience I can by striving towards diversity, inclusiveness, equity, opportunity and so much more. Let’s work together and make this year great!"


Communication Studies (2 candidates for 1 seat)
• Kevin Caswell


• Jordan Vecchio 

"I am a person who is exceptionally committed to the things that I believe in. The concerns that you; my fellow COMS students have will be at the top of my list of things that I want to help with if elected. Leadership roles are not new to me; in previous years, I was my high school's student council co-president, along with many other things. Since it is my second year as a Carleton student, I would like to continue engaging in student activities and applying my skills to better this school community and myself. If you decide to choose me to represent our program at the CASG level, I will make it my priority to listen to your ideas and concerns. I will consider these idea and put them to the council to have them acknowledged. To be a leader means representing a group of people, and I plan to take that seriously by keeping everyone informed as much as possible. I have the experience, the drive, and most of all, the passion for representing COMS students so that your experience at Carleton is an even better one."