• Emily


About the Office of the President:

The CASG President acts as the Student Governance Coordinator of Carleton University. It is the President’s responsibility, as Student Governance Coordinator, to report to Senate on the academic student governance representatives (ASG Representatives), those who sit on departmental boards and school councils.

The CASG President is also responsible for attending meetings with the Administration (i.e. President of the University, Associate VP Student Support Services, etc). Apart from managing all other executives, the President is specifically responsible for ensuring that the constitution is upheld and deals with external student organizations. The President is to be well informed on academic matters regarding the University, CASG constitution, by-laws, and policies. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the President to participate in and oversee the creation of new policies, by-laws, and constitutional changes whenever deemed necessary.

The President represents the CASG organization within the undergraduate population, CASG Council, and the Carleton University Senate. Within the CASG structure, the President is the first among equals within the executive committee. It is the President’s responsibility to ensure that the executive meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis (from September to April), and that CASG general meetings are held throughout the year. Should the executives be in any need of assistance, it is the duty of the President to aid the VPs with their responsibilities. The President is a signing authority and is entrusted with the finances of CASG. Finally, the President of CASG is to promote accountability, transparency, and fair practices in matters including, but not limited to; elections, hiring, volunteers, meetings, policies, finances, record keeping, etc.


About the Current President:

Emily is a 4th year Global and International Studies student, specializing in Global Politics. Emily has been a member of CASG since her second year, first as a BGInS representative and then as President in her third year. Emily is actively engaged in the Carleton community. She was previously a Residence Fellow, is a member of the Sock 'n' Buskin Theatre Company and has sat on numerous boards and committees during her time at Carleton. Emily is aiming to use her final year as President to expand the CASG name, to increase transparency of the CASG executive and council, and to work towards better the academic community at Carleton.

Outside of CASG, Emily enjoys binge-watching three television shows at once, reading books that aren't textbooks and working for the Government of Canada.

Emily can be reached at president@casg.ca