• Chloe


About the office of the Vice President Academic:

The Vice President Academic (VPA) is responsible for the academic wing of Carleton Academic Student Government. It is their responsibility to provide academic support services to students and facilitate student input in academic planning. They are also responsible for ensuring that student input is represented in curriculum changes and for assisting students with academic issues. The VPA maintains regular correspondences with a number of university officers including Deans, members of the Senior Administration, and student support centres which include the Student Affairs Office, the Paul Menton Centre, the Student Academic Success Centre, and Ombuds Services. The Vice President Academic is also mandated to keep in touch with student representatives on Senate and CASG to ensure that all academic issues can be accounted for in the wider picture of student representation. The Vice President Academic provides regular reports to CASG council on the progress of academic campaigns, changes in curricula, and any academic issues that concern students. As such, the VPA is knowledgeable about the university’s academic policies and in that light is able to assist students in any way possible.


About the Current Vice President Academic

Chloe is a 2nd year Bachelor of Arts Honours, doing a double major of Communication Studies (soon to be doing a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies) and Women’s and Gender Studies, with a minor in Political Science.

Over the last two years, Chloe has been involved in various ways around campus, including sitting as the VP Internal on the Women’s and Gender Studies Student Society. Chloe is also a Residence Fellow in Carleton Housing and Residence Life services, living and working on 10th Glengarry. She has also been one of seven delegates that was sent to the Residence Life Conference in Hamilton in November of 2015. She will also be presenting at Carleton’s SOAR Conference on January 23rd. Chloe’s passion (which inspired her to join CASG) is to help support students.

She wants to put work into promoting CASG, so that the student government can provide more help to more students, as well as increase the support system for academic societies on campus. She also wants to work with the CASG Academic Initiative Fund council to provide more students with academic aid so that they can continue to excel in their education.

Chloe can be reached at vpacademic@casg.ca.