• Aiden


About the Office of the Vice President Operations:

The Vice President Operations (VPO), is responsible for advertising CASG as an organization so that students know about CASG and are more likely to use the services of CASG. The VPO works to improve awareness of CASG through public relations including but not limited to:


-Advertising in and working with campus newspapers

-Regularly post on newsgroups targeting Carleton University including Facebook and Twitter

The VPO represents CASG at CUSA Council, RRRA Council, Carleton Student Activities Fund Committee, Carleton Orientation Committees, and the Carleton CUTV Committee. The VPO maintains and enhances relationships with Carleton Administration, CUASA, CUSA, RRRA, GSA, SFUO and the Alumni Association. The Vice President Operations is responsible for building relationships with and supporting academic/departmental/faculty societies at Carleton University with the assistance of the VP Societies.

About the Current Vice President Operations:

Aiden is a biochemistry student in his last year who has spent his time involved with the Carleton Science Student Society since his first year. He had the honor of serving as it's President in 2016. He has since found the seat of VP Operations at CASG to fulfill the mandate of promoting the government and its campaigns to serve students. During the summer he has worked for Agriculutre and Agri-Food Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada in their respective laboratories. Since moving from North Vancouver, Yellowknife and Montreal he's seen a great deal of Canada's wonder and wishes to continue that in Ottawa as he studies. In his spare time you can find him climbing mountains with friends, camping under the stars and enjoying the open waters.

Aiden can be reached at vpoperations@casg.ca