• Adam Webb


About the Office of the Faculty of Business

The Business Coordinator is responsible for organizing, scheduling and facilitating meetings with the elected Business representatives. It is the responsibility of the Business Coordinator to ensure accuracy in the submission of minutes (to the Vice-President Internal), as well as the attendance of its members at Faculty Board Meetings, Faculty Representative Meetings and CASG General Assembly Meetings.

The Business Coordinator is responsible for holding meetings with her representatives once a month. Duties include (but are not limited to): formulating and distributing the agenda in advance, scheduling, room booking, ordering food/refreshments, and keeping track of attendances.

In addition, the Business Coordinator is a leader who is passionate about Carleton University Academics; the position of Business Coordinator demands a well-organized, driven, enthusiastic, and intellectual individual.

About the Faculty of Business Coordinator:

My name is Adam Webb and I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce student. This year I serve as the Business Coordinator on CASG and I am very excited for this opportunity. As the President of the Sprott Business Students’ Society it is my job to find the best ways to represent all business students in their academics but also overall university experience. I am very passionate about working for the students therefore acting as business coordinator is a good way to give business students a voice on an academic level.