Civil Engineering Stream Pavi Kabilan civil@cses.carleton.ca
Environmental Engineering Stream Eric Duberville environmental@cses.carleton.ca
Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering Stream Meagan Schlottke architectural@cses.carleton.ca
Electrical Engineering Stream Seth Thompson electrical@cses.carleton.ca
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Stream A Vacant sreea@cses.carleton.ca
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Stream B Vanessa Lewis sreeb@cses.carleton.ca
Engineering Physics Stream Gabriel Sanna physics@cses.carleton.ca
Computer Systems Engineering Stream Denise Mayo computersystems@cses.carleton.ca
Software Engineering Stream Jonah Gaudet software@cses.carleton.com
Communications Engineering Stream Joshua Jasek communications@cses.carleton.ca
Biomedical Electrical Engineering Stream Rachel Bailak biomed_electrical@cses.carleton.ca
Biomedical Mechanical Engineering Stream Daniela De Backer biomed_mechanical@cses.carleton.ca
Mechanical Engineering Stream Nicholas Butler mechanical@cses.carleton.ca
Aerospace Engineering Stream Justin Josef Ferrer aerospace@cses.carleton.ca


For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Ahmed at fed@casg.ca